Sunday, 17 March 2019

A charming walk through Dr Zakir Hussain Rose Garden Chandigarh

Love open air and plenty of greenery filled with the fragrant scents of flora? The place to be is the Dr Zakir Hussain Rose Garden in the city of Chandigarh, Punjab. Mind you, you need to set aside a lot of hours to spend here, another option being to split the visit on two days. Most important is not to visit at that time of the year when you are unlikely to see the flowering blooms! 

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Kisaan Maitreya Organic Farm Products

Looking for organic rice, wheat and other staple foods online? Maitreya Agro, under the aegis of Mai Mati Foundation, based in Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra, helps farmers directly by selling foods from small farmers of different parts of India. 

You can savour fresh apples of northern Kashmir, slurp on juicy Alphonso mangoes of central India, enhance the flavour of a dish with spices from Eastern India and cook dal, rice and rotis with organic grains sold under the brand name of Kisaan Maitreya. 

The 100% chemical-free brand of agricultural produce which is grown with natural fertilisers and an intelligent use of irrigation techniques that incorporate water conservation, is growing in popularity. 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Beauty of nature at Dhathri resort Kerala

There is plenty of jaw-dropping beauty to see at Dhathri Ayurkendra & Panchakarma Centre's resort, Kayamkulam, Kerala. Views from the cottage room as well as outside are simply breathtaking.

Flowers of varied hues, orchard trees, the sun & the lake's waters playing hide and seek and even dried leaves of amazing colours! 

Have a look at the photos below and see nature at its finest.

Dhathri resort Kerala accommodation review

The accommodation at the Dhathri Ayurkendra & Panchakarma Centre's resort located at Kayamkulam Kerala is extremely spacious and comfortable. More than that, the views are so stunning that you would hate to stay in your room in the first place!

Dhathri Ayurkendra & Panchakarma Centre Kayamkulam Kerala review

Dhathri Ayurkendra & Panchakarma Centre, located at Kayamkulam, Kerala, is a great place for those looking for not just a quiet vacation, but also to get expert treatment for the everyday ills that plague our contemporary lives. 

At their resort, just let go - simply relax and do nothing other than feast on the yummiest food you've ever had, get pummeled (gently of course!) with expert massages and give yourself up totally to the Ayurved treatment customized for you as per your ailments. 

This is a first-hand review based on the details given by my cousin and her husband who stayed for 10 days at their resort. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Tariff and contact information of Annapoorna Farm Karjat

For those looking for a budget stay in the real sense of the term, Annapoorna Farm at Karjat is the best option. It is just Rs.1,600/- for a 24hrs stay. Since we were aware about the long weekend holiday in March from 24th to 27th, we had decided to book in January itself since from our previous experiences of booking at farm stays, had anticipated lot of people booking too for that time period. We arrived on 25th morning at 11.30a.m. and left on 27th afternoon after lunch at 1p.m. Loved every minute of our stay, especially the food!

Accommodation at Annapoorna Farm

In all there are 3 cottages at Annapoorna Farm, named after flowers: Jai, Jui, Mogra, Gulab and Madhumalati. All are simply furnished with curtained windows and a large washroom area. We were delighted to see clothes-hanging rack in the porch area outside the door. This is one essential item since laundry service is not provided and you need to wash and hang out your clothes yourself. It is a pity that such a provision was not available at other farm stays where we went, namely Saguna Baug, Neral and Save Farm, Gholvad.